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create a verbatim project for team building

The Verbatim Project, created by Larry Siegel, uses creative team building ideas to assist groups of people with a common purpose in unearthing those values they hold dear and in bringing them out into the open for all to celebrate in a production of musical theatre. The over 20 projects to date include corporate team building programs, non-profit organizations and civic/government groups.

What makes the Verbatim Project succeed is that the script and lyrics are solely derived from the people themselves, "in their own words." Through Larry's facilitation, people create a distinctive piece of work that speaks to their history and vision for the future. Long after the actual performances, people continue to experience new ways of working together to accomplish the goals of their community or organization.


· Create a new community or workplace environment that is more vital and alive.
· Help build "social capital" by enabling people to relate to each other more powerfully and effectively.
· Allow staff the freedom to take more risks with each other and in the organization.
· Create a new sense of teamwork to accomplish the work that is essential to your mission.

"It is a project that provided benefits for all the participants, was phenomenally well supported by the community, and produced a work of quality and profound substance that will contribute to the quality of community life for years to come."
Deborah Klein
National Coordinator, Artists and Communities, Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation
re: Bridge of Dreams

"I worked with people with entirely opposite political views. We acknowledged each other's differences, and recognized the worth of others. It was good for people on both sides of the political spectrum."
Nell Conkright
re: Peterborough Verbatim

peterborough verbatim players - marian macdowell scene creative team building ideas in action

"The new connections of people who might never interact create new possibilities of what might be and what will be... To imagine a community where people freely interact across the boundaries that normally divide us is to create that community."
Kathleen Bollerud
re: Harrisville Weavings

Are you looking for a special event that will capture the uniqueness of your organization by involving everyone? Are you preparing for a significant anniversary? The beginning or culmination of a capital campaign? The follow-up to a new community Master Plan? The launch of a new product or service? Is your business, school, church, town or service organization ready for a paradigm shift in how people work together?

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--- What does a Verbatim Project Look Like -
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--- Publicizing Your Project
--- Raising Funds for Your Project
--- Verbatim Project Process Overview

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